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Analysis of the Advantages of and Barriers to Adoption of Smart Manufacturing for Medical Products

This infographic provides an overview of the learnings from the FDA study about what factors stand in the way of successful adoption of automation technologies in manufacturing. Here you will gain relevant insights about the types of actual and perceived barriers companies report when seeking to leverage the opportunities from digital transformation.

Can emerging technologies, such as integrated digital twin solutions, actually help manufacturers respond in an emergency scenario, such as a future pandemic?

This CARES Act funded project set out to evaluate this premise, and also implement such a technology, with a leading medical diagnostics manufacturer.

Vertex Case Study Infographic

Accelerating People Development at Vertex Pharmaceuticals Through IAAE® Learning Sprints. The International Academy of Automation Engineering (IAAE) has supported, and continues to support, Vertex in their intentional and proactive development of their personnel through an emphasis on both education and credentialing.

IAAE seeks to credential 10,000 learners globally, and to engage 10 of the top 20 companies in each regulated health industry, by the end of 2035.

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