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Choose a subscription level

depending on your needs and whether you have one team, function, site or multiple sites in view for your organization


$ 3,600 per month
  • or $36,000 per year
  • 300 modules
  • (~10-30 ppl in various roles)


$ 7,800 per month
  • or $90,000 per year
  • 750 modules
  • (~30-70 ppl in various roles)


$ 16,000 per month
  • or $180,000 per year
  • 1500 modules
  • (~ 70- 150 ppl in various roles)
  • Already adopted by industry leaders

  • Fills a key education need between academic courses and industry training

  • Optionally deploy a curated program that brings your people along on the learning journey

  • Leverage our insights from multiple deployments in the Life Sciences industry

  • Equip your people to innovate well into the future

“It was a real challenge: Encouraging manager without an automation background to participate on the specific IAAE learning program! At the end of this journey we can summarize: It was a great success to have the opportunity getting insights into automation and innovative technology principles and understand the potentials to impact the business of the future. Within this manager community we are now one step ahead in communication and decision making while managers from different fields are working together having a better knowledge baseline and using the same terms and relationships.”

Dr. Jürgen Wetzel, Director Technical Services,

GSK Vaccines, Dresden, Germany

IAAE seeks to credential 10,000 learners globally, and to engage 10 of the top 20 companies in each regulated health industry, by the end of 2035.

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