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Membership provides access to a community rich with resources, giving you the tools that will set you apart as a highly-skilled and valued automation specialist. By connecting, learning, and sharing with other automation leaders and practitioners, you’ll be living your goal of lifelong learning, poised to reap the benefits of mastering your craft.

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Join us and take your career to the next level. By becoming a member, you’ll be able to:

  • Receive discounted access to a world-class technical development curriculum, pathways to an industry-recognized certification, including leading-edge education from partner universities that is current, relevant, and delivered by Industry SMEs

  • Engage directly with other industry leaders and subject matter experts who can advise and guide your development as you gain appliable knowledge and valued credentials

  • Build lasting relationships and collaborate with peers, and other experts in the automation field, sharing ideas, lessons, and best practices about how to excel at the “Edge” of modern manufacturing

  • Be recognized as an industry leader actively advancing the business and inspiring the future cadre of leading-edge automation practitioners.

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Members enjoy many benefits.  Being part of the IAAE Community gives you access to education and research focused on networking, thought leadership, R&D, and education.  With IAAE, you can:

  • Strengthen your thought leadership by collaborating with leading industry experts and researchers. Meetings, programs, and industry events provide the opportunity to network with senior executives and industry leaders.

  • Take a thought leadership position within the community by speaking publicly about advanced manufacturing topics.

  • Facilitate recruitment through the opportunity to connect with enrolled students or sponsor students to acquire the knowledge and skills you need in automation engineering.

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