Pre-requisite Online Course

Essentials of Automation

11 Modules | 24 hours

The 11 modules that make up this online course serve as a pre-requisite for attending North Carolina State BTEC’s Essentials of Automation for Biomanufacturing hands-on lab experience. 

This course offers

After passing the below 11 modules, you will receive a Certificate of Completion, which will qualify you to attend the hands-on lab at North Carolina State University’s BTEC in Raleigh, NC. The next hands-on course will be offered June 18-19, 2024. More information for the hands-on portion can be found here.

Please note that the IAAE Pre-req course is completely online and self-paced, but must be completed before the first day of the hands-on portion in order to participate.

IAAE seeks to credential 10,000 learners globally, and to engage 10 of the top 20 companies in each regulated health industry, by the end of 2035.

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